Who is in the Tribe?

Currently, there are 39 men enrolled in our group. The group is facilitated by Todd Adams and Frank Naugo.

What kinds of activities do you do? What do you talk about?

It really runs the gamut. As long as it is respectful, has purpose, brings value and falls within the framework of our Mission – it’s fair game (please see Master Outline for previous Tribe topics to get a general idea).

How often do you meet?


What happens if I miss a meeting?

Although there is no obligation, we encourage attendance to as many meetings as possible to help establish and develop trust and a sense of connection amongst the members.

Where do you meet?

Currently we meet at Todd’s house in Elmhurst, IL

Is there a charge to attend?

$20/meeting (1st timers come free)

Are there any other Tribe gatherings outside of the meetings?

We are currently accepting applications for our annual weekend retreat happening Feb…….and occasionally have social gatherings outside of our monthly meetings.