Todd Adams co-founded Zen Parenting, Inc., a company committed to helping people practice self-awareness, develop compassion, and practice kindness through podcasts, community events, books, and blogs.  He is the co-host of Zen Parenting Radio Podcast- “the best predictor of a child’s well-being is a parent’s self-understanding.”  He co-created Zen Parenting Conference.

In 2015 he founded Todd Adams Coaching“Coaching For Guys”  His life coaching certification is  through the Tony Robbins Core 100 Life Coaching Program.

In 2012 Todd co-founded The Tribe Men’s Group where he leads monthly meetings and offers annual adventure retreats. Todd is a member of the Mankind Project and a staff member of the New Warrior Training Adventure, and he’s a blogger for The Good Men Project.

Todd is a certified instructor for the Institute of Heartmath where he was trained in stress reduction and relaxation. Todd is a Junior Achievement Educatorat the elementary school level, and he teaches parenting and self-awareness classes with his wife Cathy. He has also been an expert guest of the acclaimed on-line parenting resource Kids In The House.  He’s also a sales rep for JVI Inc., a real estate investor in Chicagoland, and he and Cathy are the parents of three daughters ages 11, 14, & 15.

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Frank Naugo

Frank is an application engineer by trade and has always been interested in how things work…especially the body and mind. He’s a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching alignment based hatha yoga for nearly 5 years. He’s been leading and learning from the men’s group experience since 2009 and recently completed his New Warrior Training through the ManKind Project. Frank has organized and co-led multiple Life of Yes! retreats, and now he and Todd are hosting adventure weekend retreats designed specifically for men and centered around the mission of the Tribe.