The Tribe Mens group is monthly meeting where the format and topics are casual and relaxed. The conversation is real and practical. The guys who attend are the same ones you’d grab a beer, watch a game or hang out with your kids with. We take a couple of hours to have some honest conversation about challenges and growth opportunities that are shared (roles, career, family) and about specific issues that someone might want to share or to ask for support. By the end of the evening, you’ll have learned something, I guarantee it – whether it’s about yourself or the world around you – and you’ll be glad you spent the time.

We are a gathering of men from varied backgrounds and experiences coming together on a monthly basis to engage in discussions and activities rooted in living a conscious life as a man in the 21st century.  We feel that in today’s society being self-reliant is what’s most highly valued and praised. While we see value in independence and self-reliance for many aspects of our lives it can, and often does, come at the expense of community. Men have in some ways forgotten how to connect with (and rely on) other men, our wives, partners, families and our communities beyond simply the “surface” level. Our hope is that by actively participating in this men’s group we can reestablish this necessary sense of community by leaning on, challenging and encouraging one another.


I’ve had the privilege of being part of this group for nearly five years and the manner in which it’s helped me understand who I am, understand the world around me, and beyond, is immeasurable. Frank and Todd, cofounders of the group, are committed to helping men grow in ways they often don’t realize they can. It’s not religion-based. There’s no agenda other than trying to be better men.  There are roughly 720 hours in a month. Spend 2 of them investing in yourself by attending a meeting and if afterwards you can honestly tell me it was anything other than time well spent I’ll buy you a beer. Actually, I’ll buy you a beer regardless.. Message me if you have any questions.- Mike R.